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I personally weave all of the baskets I sell and most of these are my original designs, some are my variation of fellow basket designers patterns or concepts and some are unaltered fellow basket makers designs that I have woven according to their pattern
(O) My Original design
(OV) My Variation of a Pattern or concept),
(P) Fellow designers pattern.
Please visit the pattern page, If you would like one of the baskets featured there, contact me for price and feasibility.
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Field basket with Pottery Handles
These round double spoked bottom baskets  use split stake construction to provide sturdy walls and handle placement.  Sides have several sizes of reed and colors are used to match or compliment the pottery handles.  They measure approx 12" in Diameter and 11" tall.  The basket above has a blueberry motif on the handles and the one below has blue sponged handles.
Field with Blueberry Handles $40.00 +   S + H      (O)
The Miners Bowl
This 4"D x 1"H bowl is constructed entirely of  twined waxed Linen thread with several rows of copper thread twined in the base. Copper Brass, Pewter and Silver beads are woven into the design. The stand is included.  (available at The Art Loft, Mayville, NY)                                                                             
Necklace Pouch
This Narrow 1-1/2"W x 2-1/2"H basket pouch is woven with fine brown ash with a spiraling twill accent.  Lid is a drilled piece of Lake Erie Beach slate. Blue/gray Neck cord and tassel in Braided Waxed Linen. Bead accents include silver, clay, glass, quartz and Lapiz beads.
$45.00 + S&H                                     (O)
Black Tie
This is a Gourdsket, A coiled basket woven onto a cut, drilled, dyed and varnished Calabash hard shell gourd. Coiling is done with waxed linen thread over Palm Inflorescence, incorporating a shed antler  in the weaving.  Palm Flower is embellished with A Hematite bead. 8" gourd diameter x 6" height.               $150.00 + S&H                               (O)
Antler Wall Pouch

This basket is constructed in the "Key" ribbed style.  Oak hoops, Tortoise dyed cane gods eyes and rattan form the framwork for dyed and natural weavers. Antler is attached with reed and has feather and bead embellishments. A hanging loop is placed for balanced hanging. 12" X 8 "X 7" deep, extends 5" out..   SOLD

This ribbed style basket has a shed antler handle. The antler is attached and handle is over wrapped with reed and leather. Dyed and natural rattan and sea grass weaving. Embellishments include metal glass and gem stone beads, guinea fowl and wild turkey feathers. Measures approx. 8" tall x 10" wide.   SOLD
Recycle / Reuse Gran's Masher
Old mashers are interwoven in the bases baskets.  Top Left, rectangular are  8" x 4" x 2-1/2".  Top Right, 8" round X 2-1/2" tall. Lower is 9" square x 3" tall. These are the remaining 5 Masher Handle baskets currently in stock.  Great Fun.       $18.00   +S&H       (OV)
The 2012 Christmas Ornaments

  Click on the photo to see these larger,  On the left is the snowman.  He has button eyes a resin nose and dyed hat and scarf of reed. On the right are the star handled pouches. Wire star handle with ceramic buttons. These little guys are the size of a credit card, makes a great gift card or money gift package.  There are 4 snowmen left and 3 mitten and 1 candy cane star.
$10.00 +S&H                                   
William and Moses
This large generous basket is woven on a Williamsburg handle.  It measures Approx 7-9" wide X 16" long with sides 7" at their tallest.  Hearth-side variegated reed with cross stitch accent on the sides and a 4 rod lashed outer rim.
$30.00 + S+H                 (O)

Up Top are the Mini Keepers, 3" w x 6" tall with a little pocket and 2 hooks/pegs for keys or whatever you need to hang
Below are the Medium Keepers, 6" x !0" with a pocket big enough for mail and 3 hooks. Very handy for the dorm room or apartment or work space.
Mini Key       $12.00   + S+H
Medium Key  $16.00   + S+H
This 8" x 14" X 11" tall (to the rim) basket has a filled base, so nothing falls through.  The handle is a lovely arched notched ash handle.  both side walls sport a diamond overlay in Hearth side variegated colors. 
Large Shopper  $40.00   + S + H 
These whimsical additions to wall, plant or garden are woven using green and brown willow. A Drilled Gourd head is embellished with a swag of beaded waxed linen.  They measure approx 12" tall x 7"-8" wide. Gold or brown thread with earth tone or blue beads and feathers  
Garden babies  $16.00 +S&H                                                            (P)
Ash and Waxed Linen Necklace
This Narrow 1-1/2"W x 2"H basket pouch is woven with fine brown ash and waxed linen twining.  Lid is a drilled piece of Lake Erie Beach slate. Bi-Colored Green neck cord and tassle in Braided Waxed Linen. Bead accents include silver, clay, glass, quartz and wood beads.
$45.00             +S&H                             (O)
Cherokee Cross Bamboo Swing
This round spoked basket has  Cherokee Cross patternd woven in dyed and smoked reed. A swing bamboo handle is attached at the rim. Approx 5" diameter X 5" depth.
Cherokee Cross  $15.00 + S&H                         (O)
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